Orthodontist Salary

Are you interested in becoming an orthodontist in 2016? Great choice, I’m sure you’ll love all the job’s benefits, including the pretty good salary that comes with this job. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this.

In almost every country, the medical field is famous for providing the best salaries for its employees. Within this field, the orthodontists earn some of the biggest incomes, comparable with the ones of the physicians and even surgeons. Since the orthodontist salary is so high, many individuals that are interested in following a healthcare career would like to know more about this type of wage. And exactly that’s the reason why I decided to write this article, for coming to the aid of these persons.

Orthodontist Job Description

Orthodontist SalaryEveryone likes to have a beautiful smile. But what can be done if there are problems with the alignment of teeth and/or jaws? The solution is, of course, to appeal to an orthodontist to solve this problem, because that’s exactly the main duty for which the orthodontist salaries are paid. More precisely, the orthodontists are dentists that are specialized in dealing with the teeth and jaws problems; they prevent, examine, diagnose and treat this kind of problems.

The teeth conditions that are treated by these highly-trained dentists are: spaced teeth, extra, crowded or crooked teeth, etc. The jaws problems that can be prevented or treated by the orthodontists are those generated by open bites, cross bites, underbites, overbites, etc. The main duty of these specialized dentists is to create dental braces and other orthodontic appliances (they also answer to the patients’ question: how much do braces cost?) whose main purpose is to correct the wrong positions of the teeth and jaws.

It’s important to know that the teeth and jaw conditions are treated not only for aesthetic reasons (when there are problems with the teeth’s alignment, the basic goal is to improve the patient’s denture; in the case of the problems with the jaws, the objective is to eliminate the facial asymmetry), but also for medical reasons – by correcting the positions of the teeth and jaws (actually, for achieving these purposes, these specialized dentists earn their huge orthodontist salary), the following essential functions are improved and even normalized: mastication, deglutition, phonation and even breathing.

What Influences the Orthodontist’s Salary in 2016

As with other professions, the wages earned by these highly trained dentists are affected by some influencing factors. The most important such factor is represented by the geographical location of the place where the orthodontist works; more exactly, the country, the state, the region (the metropolitan or nonmetropolitan area), they all have an important influence on the orthodontist’s salary. The industry of employment, the sector of employment (private or public), as well as the type of establishment (the orthodontists working in hospitals earn less than those who practice in the offices of physicians) exert a certain influence on the income of this kind of dentist. The number of years of practice (that is the experience level), as well as the level of education determine the high level of the pay of the orthodontist.

Average Orthodontist Salary 2016 in Various Countries

If you want to discover details about the wages that are earned by the orthodontists practicing in the United States, you ought to visit the official website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, where the average salary of an orthodontist is displayed. This website tells us that the mean annual wage for this occupation had, in May 2013, the value of $196,270, the average hourly salary being $94.36. The orthodontists that are best paid, on average, in the US, are those working the offices of physicians; they earned, in May 2013, $232,360 per year, on average.

The next best paying industry in US, for this occupation, is the outpatient care centers, where the average salary for the orthodontists is $203,000 per annum (or $97.60 per hour). The top paying US States for this occupation were, in May 2013: Tennessee, South Carolina, Minnesota and Michigan, each of them providing an average orthodontist salary that is greater than $252,390 per year. In United Kingdom, these specialized dentists earn about £80,000 per year, while in Canada the median annual salary for this occupation is around 170,000 CAD. In Australia, the best paid orthodontists earn about 250,000 AUD per year, while the lowest paid ones receive an annual wage of 70,000 AUD.

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Average Orthodontist Salary and Other Useful Stats

The main subject of this article is the average orthodontist salary. More precisely, this post focuses on this occupation's wages that are paid in the USA, but it also includes information about how much this healthcare professional makes in other countries.

Keep reading this article and you'll discover the elements which determine the variations in the orthodontists' earnings and how this income varies in the USA. The average salaries provided in the United States for other similar professions can be read in one of the sections of this post.

All the details about the incomes provided in the USA are read from the official website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, bls.gov, and they all refer to May 2013.

USA Wages for the Orthodontist Jobs

The average salary of an orthodontist who worked in the USA in May 2013 was $196,270 per year, which corresponds to $94.36 per hour. The median wage (which is generally known as the 50th percentile) for this occupation was equal to or greater than $187,199 per year, i.e. $90 per hour. This median value represents the wage at which half (50%) of the orthodontia specialists practicing in the USA make less than this median pay and half make more than this median value.

This profession's 10th percentile wage was $84,230 per year, so the incomes of only the lowest compensated 10% of these workers are smaller than $84,230 per year, the best remunerated 90% earning more than this 10th percentile.

The orthodontist's salary can also be described through the 25th percentile, whose value (for the USA) was, in May 2013, $126,290 per year or $60.72 per hour. Here is what this 25th percentile wage tells us: the weakest compensated 25% of the orthodontics experts working in the United States of America earned, in May 2013, less than $126,290 per year, while the best compensated 75% of this profession enjoyed salaries than were bigger than $126,290 per year.  

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How to Become an Orthodontist

This article presents the career path you have to follow for being allowed to practice as an orthodontist in the United States of America. More precisely, by reading this article, you will discover the education necessary for this profession, the training required for this medical job and the license requirements. The official website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, bls.gov, represents the main source of information for the details presenting how to become an orthodontist, that are included in this post.

Orthodontists Are Dentists

The most important thing that all the persons interested in finding out more about this medical position ought to know is that these professionals are actually dentists who followed - and practice - one of the nine dental specialties. More exactly, here is what these medical workers do every day: straighten teeth and try to correct the wrong alignments and positions of the jaws and teeth, using dental or lingual braces for adults or kids. This implies that all the orthodontics specialists must become, first of all, dentists, then they need to specialize in the chosen field.

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Orthodontist Schools

In this article I am going to talk about the orthodontist schools. Prior to getting into details about this subject, let me tell you a few things about this healthcare occupation; it's important to know these things in order to better understand the main aspects of the education required for practicing this job.

First of all, any person interested in this topic ought to know that orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry; this means that all the individuals who intend to work in this specialty must become dentists. The training and education requirements for practicing a healthcare or a medical profession differ from country to country and, sometimes, from state to state. Anyway, in this article, which deals with the orthodontist schooling, I will focus on the education path that must be followed in the United States of America (in all the U.S. states, in general; however, the laws in some U.S. states may stipulate specific requirements for practicing this medical profession) for becoming an orthodontist.

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Orthodontist Programs

This article presents a short description of the orthodontist programs. Before getting into details about these programs, there is a thing that must be clarified, and that is the fact that these professionals are actually highly trained dentists; more precisely, they are dentists who have completed additional education and training, for becoming experts in diagnosing, treating and preventing the problems of the alignment and position of the teeth and jaws. These physicians do more than answering to the question "how much do braces cost?" - they actually create the dental braces for adults or children, that are necessary for rectifying the incorrect positions and alignments of jaws or teeth.

This means that these healthcare professionals have to complete an accredited orthodontics program, after having finished an accredited dental school (this school is necessary for becoming a dentist). This program is actually a residency program, which can last one, two, three or four years, depending on the country where the candidate for this medical position would like to work.

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Orthodontist Degree

This article presents several important details related to the orthodontist degree. More precisely, the readers of this post will discover what needs to be done in order to earn the right to practice this medical job.

First of all, every person that is interested in this occupation must be aware of the fact that all the orthodontists are, in fact, dentists that are specialized in dealing with the wrong positions and alignments of teeth and jaws. So, all the candidates for this medical position must become dentists, then they have to specialize in the specialty area of dentistry (that is called orthodontics) which is required for this profession.

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